Within Australia to standard national numbers
$10 = UP TO 5 DAYS
Within Australia to standard national numbers
$20 = UP TO 15 DAYS
Within Australia to standard national numbers
$40 = UP TO 30 DAYS
boost mobile add-ons


Boost Add-ons Add-on Credit Use Inc Data
(to use in Aus)
Max Expiry
$5 $5 International calls/text MMS, international roaming, premium Services and content 250MB 5 days
$15 $15 1GB 10 days
$25 $25 1.5GB 15 days
Things you need to know:
  • You can have a maximum Boost Add-on Balance of $50. Any attempted Boost Add-on recharge that takes you over this amount will fail
  • Included data is charged in per MB increments and will be rounded to the nearest MB at the end of each data session
  • Once you’ve used your included data, you'll be charged the PAYG rate of $2/MB.

International rates


International rates to selected destinations
(+39c connection fee)
Call rate charged per 60 seconds
(or part)
USA 99¢
China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore $1.29
Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand $1.99
United Kingdom, Canada $2.49
India, South Korea, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, France, Germany, Japan, Philippines, South Africa, Ireland $2.99
New Zealand $3.49
International Call Rates
Select the country
International rates to selected destinations
(+39c connection fee)
Call rate charged per 60 seconds
(or part)
Please select a country  
Destinations not listed above will be charged $11.99 per minute.

Starter Credit Rates

Customer’s purchasing a Boost Mobile handset with starter credit included will be charged at the following rates when using this credit allowance.
National rates Call rate
Voice calls anytime (+39c connection free) 89¢ / 60secs (or part)
Text (SMS) per Messgae per recipient within Australia 29¢
MessageBank@ Diversion Free
MessageBank@ retrieval (+39c connection free) 89¢ / 60secs (or part)
MMS Picture and audio per message and per recipient within Australia 50¢
MMS Video per message per recipient within Australia 75¢
Data Rates Call rate
Pay As You Go Data $2/MB (charged per kB)
International rates Call rate
Text (SMS) per message per recipient to an international number 35¢
MMS picture, audio or video per message per recipient to an international number 75¢

International Roaming

Heading overseas? Purchase a Boost Add-on and keep in touch or connected when you're travelling overseas with international roaming. This is already set up on your Boost Pre-paid Mobile service. Different rates apply to use your service overseas and these rates are much higher than in Australia.Click here to check them out.Data while overseas is charged at $3.00/MB (charged per KB or part thereof). When travelling overseas the best way to recharge is by credit card using #111#. Or take a spare voucher to redeem.

Call Diversion

The call diversion rate to standard national numbers is $0.89/60 second block (or part) + 39c connection fee


The terms of your Boost Pre-paid Mobile service are set out in Our Customer Terms ("OCT") which can be found at (as varied from time to time). Below is a summary of some parts of OCT that apply to your Boost Pre-paid Mobile service. Your Boost Pre-paid Mobile service is provided to you by Telstra Corporation Limited, ABN 33 051 775 556 ("We").
Your pricing brochure contains a summary of the charges that apply to your Boost Pre-paid Mobile service.
1. Registering and using your service
1.1 We provide the Boost Pre-paid Mobile service to you mainly for your personal use.
1.2 We will connect your Boost Pre-paid Mobile service once you register it by providing us with your name, address, email address and details of your intended use and other information and identification reasonably requested by us.
1.3 You must notify us of any changes to your name, address and email address within 14 days of such change by calling us on 125 8881.
1.4 If you have requested to bring your existing mobile number from another phone company, we will activate your service once the transfer is successfully completed. We will tell you if it has not been successful within 24 hours.
1.5 You can use Boost Pre-paid Mobile services until your credit has all been used or until it reaches the credit expiry date. Your credit expiry date is determined by the Boost Pre-paid Mobile offer you have selected and the amount and date of your last recharge.
1.6 Boost Pre-paid Mobile recharge cards and vouchers are fully transferable, non-refundable but must be activated before the use by date printed on it.
1.7 Any value in your account is not refundable or transferable and will remain with us:
(a) after the Credit Expiry Date; or
(b) if you cancel your Boost Pre-paid Mobile service (other than as a result of our breach) or we cancel the service as a result of your breach.
1.8 If your account balance is insufficient to use a particular feature or service, we will not provide the service to you and will terminate any outbound feature or service in progress, except for calls to emergency services 000 or 112 (where possible) and access to recharge your service.
1.9 When you use the service, we will debit your account balance in accordance with the charges set out in your pricing brochure and OCT.
1.10 When your service is in recharge only period, you can receive but cannot make calls or use any other features or Boost Pre-paid Mobile services, apart from calls to emergency services and to recharge your service on 125 8881.
1.11 If you do not recharge your service during your recharge only period, it will be disconnected and your number will be reallocated to another customer. You may receive a text message warning you of this before your recharge only period ends. The length of your recharge only period is 6 months from your Credit Expiry Date.
1.12 Due to system constraints some charges (such as picture messaging) may take up to 48 hours to reach your Boost Pre-paid Mobile account.
2. Unlocking fee
If your Boost Pre-paid Mobile handset/device is programmed to only operate on the Telstra network, you may need to pay an unlocking fee to use it on other networks.
3. SIM card
You must call us immediately if your SIM card is lost, stolen or damaged. You are responsible for all the charges on your service until you contact us.
4. Changing our customer terms
We can change OCT from time to time. Generally, if a change will make you worse off, or will have more than a minor detrimental impact for you, we'll tell you at least 30 days before the change. We will tell you about changes by sending you a text message, email or provide a recorded voice announcement at the number you use to access your pre-paid service or otherwise in writing, directing you to further information about the charges (such as on or at a Telstra partner). If a change will have a detrimental impact, we may also publish a notice in a relevant newspaper summarising the change 3 working days beforehand.
5. Cancellation and suspension
5.1 You can cancel your service at any time by telling us.
5.2 We may suspend or cancel a service for a number of reasons– including when you are in breach of OCT (such as using your service in a way which we reasonably believe is fraudulent, poses an unacceptable risk to our security or network capability or is illegal), in an emergency, if we're legally required to or if we need to work on our networks. The amount of notice (if any) we give you depends on the circumstances.
5.3 If a service is cancelled or suspended, you are still required to pay relevant charges up to the date of cancellation or suspension.
6. Rights
We use due care and skill whenever we provide you with a Boost Pre-paid Mobile service. There may also be other non-excludable statutory guarantees, implied conditions or warranties under consumer protection laws which may apply to the Boost Pre-paid Mobile service we supply. However, the nature of telecommunications systems (including reliance on some systems that we don't own or control) means we cannot promise that your Boost Mobile Pre-paid service will be continuous or fault free.
7. General
7.1 When you use Premium SMS, your mobile phone number will be disclosed to us (including our employees, contractors and agents) and content providers to provide you with content via Premium SMS. If you use Premium SMS on the Service, we may also disclose information about you (including information relating to the conduct of your Account) for the purposes of advising the Australian Securities and Investment Commission of information about complaints and transactions in respect of our customers' use of Premium SMS.
7.2 Your personal information may be collected, used and disclosed (including for marketing purposes) by both Telstra and Boost. Please read the Telstra Privacy Statement "Protecting Your Privacy" available at and the Boost Privacy Policy available at which set out how your personal information is collected, used and disclosed (including for marketing purposes) and your rights in relation to accessing and correcting that information. You agree to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with the Telstra Privacy Statement and Boost Privacy Policy.
8. Complaints
We aim to resolve all problems and complaints quickly and effectively. If you have any concerns please visit a Telstra Partner or call us on 125 8881. If you're not satisfied with our response, a supervisor or manager will review your concern and the way it was handled.
If we are unable to resolve this matter to your satisfaction you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman ("TIO").The TIO is an office of last resort for complaints about telephone and internet services, they'll only get involved in a complaint after you've tried to resolve it with us. Their contact details are listed in the White Pages®.
The Office of Fair Trading (or similar) in your State or Territory may also investigate complaints.
TM and ® are trade marks and registered trade marks of BoostTel Pty Limited ABN 19092384417. Facebook is a registered trade mark of Facebook, Inc. MessageBank(R) is a registered trade mark of Telstra. UNLTD is a trademark of BoostTel Pty Limited. Boost is a trademark of BoostTel Pty Limited.
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